Monday, 17 July 2017

The evergreen fabric for taking strides and guard the long rich legacy

Cotton fabric is the most favorite form of clothing in the South East Asian countries. Quality of the cotton fabric is that it is consistent, wearable for any season, and gives a soft feeling. The Cotton fabric is widely used in various industries, easy to manufacture and has various usages other than clothing. Wastage of cotton fabric is zero.

Think of any garment piece. Whether it is saree, shirting’s, pants, dhotis or inner wears, all these garments can be manufactured using cotton fabric. It is woven along with the tradition and culture of south East Asian countries and every women in this region will possess at least one piece of cotton garment.

Our country “India” is known for silk and cotton sarees. Every state in India has its own unique silk saree style and as well as clothing style. Cotton Sarees can be worn for any occasion, be it marriages, parties, office wear, casual wear or fashion wearing. The usage of cotton garments has extended geographically and the demand for cotton clothing is on the raise. Fashion designers are using cotton fabrics extensively in their makings.


Cotton comes with its own merits

Simplicity: The cotton fabric can be weaved for rich looks and as well casual and simple looks. They adapt according the functional needs of the garment.

Good for human body: It I s a natural antidote for human skin and keeps the germs at bay and protects the skin. Dermatologists recommend wearing cotton fabrics for those who suffer from skin diseases.

Temperature Regulator: Be it sweating summer or cold winters, cotton fabrics regulate the body temperature to suit the external climate conditions. Cotton allows the air pass through it easily and letting the body to be moisturized.

Durability: The quality of cotton fabric is that it stays intact for longer period of time. Whether it is a multi-colored garment or designer garment, it looks as good as new after 10 years or 20 years

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