Tuesday, 7 March 2017

2017 trending Kurti ensembles for you to be a stunner!

In the realm of fashion, a style that is easy to sport and yet stunning is what everybody wants. This is possible with the attire called Kurti! Yes, it indeed is. Kurti has gone through fashion evolution from time immemorial. This blog goes a little further to tell you the latest trending styles with Kurtis.

Animal print is a standout among the latest trending styles in Kurtis. Animal prints never go out of style. Though an animal print can be matched well with a monochromatic color, you can sometimes get creative to give a more colorful Kurti ensemble.  Let your looks get a wild side in a chic and fashion-forward way.

Bandhani, the famous handiwork Indian prints from Kutchi people, is back in trend again. Since the dominant colors in Bandhani prints are bright yellow, maroon, red, green and blue, light hued denim or leggings can go well with such prints.

Printed leggings and cigarette pants are the latest choices of many fashionista when they choose a plain Kurti. Kaftan or a loose lawn Kurti make the best pair with such pants.

Halter neck for a sultry summer is a choice of many. When you can club this neckline in a Kurti, what more one would need? Walk around chic in this kind of Kurtis, pairing them with jeggings.

Short Kurtis look stunning when paired with a long skirt. They also go well on palazzos. For women who prefer a ‘no fuss’ look, then short Kurti is definitely a good choice. Working women, running short of time can opt for Kurtis and still pull on a corporate chic look.

With a belt around your waist, a knee length Kurti can even be worn as a dress for a party. If you want to sport an indo-western look, a knee length shirt Kurti can do justice. Sum up your looks with accessories that match your features.  Check out Pothys.com for fabulous collections of Kurtis for Women online. Happy shopping! 

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