Friday, 3 March 2017

Party looks with Black Designer Sarees!

What are the Must-haves in your wardrobe? Wouldn’t you immediately reply with a smile and say, “its black clothes”! If you are one of those who have black’s clothes as wardrobe must-haves, then this blog is for you. And as a bonus, we are going to talk about how to style up for a party in black designer saree.

Trendsetters have always sported a party wear in black. So when it comes to designer sarees, the ones with border are not really new to the fashion market. If you prefer a simple style, you can always choose a saree with subtle border. This way you are going to look trendy yet graceful. To add more glam to your looks, sport a reticule in brown.

Also, try out pleat free saree draping. This has taken the saree fashion world by storm. If your saree has intricate work, you will add more space to your ‘no-pleat look’, making it easy for you to flaunt your saree.  This super fashion trend of 2017 will make you look chic and ethnic at the same time.

A beautiful black designer sarees is added more beauty with the statement jewelry you are going to wear. Like you always know, a smart fashionista will pay attention to details. So when you sport a black saree, you will pay attention even in picking your bindi. Pick a statement jewelry that is not too heavy to add more elegance to your look.

Now comes the major part of dressing up in your designer saree. It is the ‘Blouse’. Be a connoisseur in picking the right kind of blouse for your black designer saree. For an uber stylish desi look, go for blouses that flaunt your collarbones. With heavy designer sarees, pick a simple blouse and vice versa. Choose the neckline that accentuates your features.

Gone were the days, when petticoats were concealed wears. But in the current fashion world, petticoats are equally flaunted too. Contrasting petticoats and neon ones under a black saree will add glam to your black designer saree. And finally, go for accessories like brooches in silver or gold. With all these tips, you are sure going to ace that party look with black designer sarees. Black is always in! Even in the recent Oscars, Dev Patel’s mom rocked the red carpet look with a black saree. Go online and search on for stunning designer sarees collection in black.

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